Area 2 – Robust and sustainable vision systems

Robust and sustainable vision systems

Computer vision is a widespread field of research. However, related funding projects are mainly based on algorithmic research and do not consider hardware and/or real-world conditions to a major extent. The combined work on algorithms and embedded design, the impact of computer vision methods on architectural design and optimal mapping as well as the feedback from hardware requirements to the algorithmic design need to be addressed by additional research activities.

The awareness of international developments (traded-off with IPR considerations / patent restrictions and various open-source and/or ambivalent licensing models) shall influence the Vision+ sensitivity to serve the needs of our industrial partners at its best, still keeping in mind that computer vision science level shall be kept at the leading edge. Area 2 is meant to close the gap between science and its results’ applicability, keeping it a research issue on itself. It consists of two main components, each of them considerably contributing to the acceptance of the Vision+ concept to Industry:

  • Project 2.1 targets testing and evaluation of the elaborated methods
  • Project 2.2 ensures that all results keep valuable (“sustainable”) to the proponents even beyond the Vision+ lifetime.