DIBIT – Handheld photogrammetric system

DIBIT – Handheld photogrammetric system

As part of the project Vision + together with Dibit Messtechnik GmbH (Innsbruck/Austria) a handheld camera system for the 3D reconstruction of tunnels will be developed. A single camera is set-up in several positions, taking pictures of the tunnel surface, that are assembled to a 3D tunnel surface model in a fully automatic evaluation chain.

Image data capture is realized by the tunneling/advance/driving personnel close to the tunnel face (= the front end of the advance). Based on the following fully automatic analysis/evaluation, a decision on the quality of the outbreak can be made within a few minutes.

Technology developed and integrated in Vision+ comes from stereo – photogrammetry, pattern recognition and 3D modeling and reconstruction.
Main development partner of Dibit Messtechnik GmbH is the Machine Vision Applications Group of the institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

AufnahmesystemThe data capture test system for 3D reconstruction using a “handheld camera” uses a motorized tilted digital camera to take overlapping photos of the tunnel surface during excavation. The recording system was developed under the project Vision+ of Dibit Messtechnik GmbH, based on a commercially available digital camera.

AufnahmeTest recording in tunnel advance, close to the tunnel face: Using two positions, a stereo – configuration is obtained to provide a base line for the subsequent 3D reconstruction of the tunnel surface. The surface is captured motor-driven in a circular manner.

Capture Images
Dichtes Stereo-Matching zwischen überlappenden Bildern
Dense stereo matching between overlapping images.
Abgewickelte Tunneloberfläche als Ergebnis der Auswertekette vom Stereo – Matching bis zum Zusammenfügen der einzelnen Rekonstruktionen am Tunnelmodell
Unwrapped tunnel surface as a result of the evaluation chain from stereo – matching up to the fusion of the individual stereo reconstructions, based on the 3D design tunnel model.

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